The Golden Stump Podcast Awards

October 17, 2014

The Golden Stump is a podcast award that will be awarded over the course of season 2. We'll be highlighting particularly some quality Australian podcasts and giving new podcasts a chance to shine. 

If you want your podcast entered in the Golden Stump Contest than just tweet Cowstump University at our twitter or give us a yell on facebook 

Our current nominees are....

The Pod - from Arc at Unsw - Great work coming from the students of UNSW, Good audio quality and good pacing. We wouldn’t expect anything but high standards from a university built on a hill. See their website.

True Perth Tales - A new podcast coming from our western brethren. Their latest episode was honest and funny and even had a speed reference…Our favourite game? Guessing between two sentences, One of them is a series of pretentious words squished together and the other is a genuine degree. 

True Perth tales on facebook

Nerds vs Podcast - Great topics from fedoras to super smash brothers to Taylor Swift. These guys hit the market a few months back and have been consistently putting out great quality podcasts. 

8 Bit to the Future - Well worth a listen!